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Hi, I'm Michelle Farina a local interior decorator, aspiring artist & culinary specialist.

We are an independently woman owned and

operated bohemian boutique

& cafe.




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I just love this cafe and shop!  The food is delicious, especially the homemade soups! Also, if you're looking for a beautiful and unique gift, look no further, you'll find it here! If you like to be creative checkout the ArtFoamies. They are so much fun to work with.
- Stephanie Hallidy   

  Michelle's Roadtique Boutique/Cafe is a diamond that shines among diamonds. Nestled inside with a host of other shops, this one speaks loudly yet friendly, with vibrant colors and free spirited designs. Be sure to stop in around lunch time so you can sample Michelle's homemade dishes. 5 stars.
- Matt Keene

Roadtique Boutique is such a unique and special destination if you want to be creatively inspired and / or grab a wonderful meal then you’re at the perfect spot! So many Artisans to see and items to purchase. Or grab the supplies to make your own artsy project! Either way ROBO has something for everyone and is such a wonderful place to shop/eat and fill your creative well.

-kae pea / artist and designer

I just want to say that it’s a joy to learn from you Michelle. The classes you teach are so creative and fun. I always have a great time and meet such wonderful friendly new people. You’re café is a delight. The food and homemade treats are delicious too. Thank you for sharing your creative talents with our community period.

-Julie Secora

The Shops on West Ridge has always been somewhere I like to visit. The Roadtique Boutique is by far my favorite shop. Awesomely unique items to checkout period. The café has been brought to a whole new level since Michelle has taken over with amazing foods and desserts. I highly recommend checking the Roadtique Boutique AND the café out soon. You will not be disappointed.

  • Katy Ellphick